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Air Dry Coatings

Air dry coatings are ideal for a wide range of applications, in particular sensitive materials such as wood and plastic, as well as assemblies that include rubber grommets, electronics and seals etc. We offer a full range of air dry coatings for both standard finishes as well as specialist applications.

Single Pack Acrylic RAD Enamel

Our standard air dry coating is the HMG Single Pack Acrylic RAD Enamel. This is a 1K modified thermoplastic acrylic offering rapid air dry, outstanding gloss and colour retention together with excellent adhesion, available in a wide colour range including RAL & BS shades.

High Temperature Resistant Air Dry Coating

We offer a High Temperature Resistant Air Dry Coating, the 'High Temperature Aluminium 4036' from HMG. The High Temperature Aluminium 4036 is an air drying silicone based paint specifically formulated to enable the dried film to tolerate high temperatures of up to 500ºC. The full physical properties of the system are achieved after baking at temperatures above 220ºC (at this temperature the free silicone resins in the system auto cross link). At temperatures of up to 300ºC there is virtually no decomposition of the silicone binder. Above 300ºC the silicone is gradually driven off without charring or flaking of the paint. From 300 - 500ºC. the finish is still efficient because, the pigment film sinters on to the metal surface.

Q14 Synthetic Finish (Trimite)

Q14 Synthetic Finish is quick drying, and has minimal recoating problems. It may be used on a wide range of substrates, but is not recommended for long term exterior use.

At an ambient temperature of 20oC, the drying time is approximately as follows:

Note: Forced drying is also an option.

B25 Two Pack Polyurethane Finish For Brushing (Trimite)

This is a high quality, two pack, acrylic polyurethane rapid drying finish for brush application excellent for exterior durability and hardness. The finish also offers excellent retention of colour and gloss in exterior environments over suitably primed substrates as well as a high level of water and chemical resistance and is suitable for metals and various plastic substrates.

A particular advantage of brushed finishes is that subsequent touch up is possible, useful where secondary welding, fitting and reworking of components is required, such as site fitting etc


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