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Stoved Coatings

Stove enamelling offers a fast production turn around combined with economy and good technical properties where excellent colour and gloss retention together with good physical properties are required.

Defence Coatings

Many defence coatings are stoved finishes. We offer a range of stoved finishes for both MilSpec and Defstan specifications.

S16 Epoxy Stoving Finish (Trimite)

The S16 Epoxy Stoving Finish is a high quality stoving full gloss finish based on an epoxy resin giving good chemical and corrosion resistance to many extreme environmental conditions when used in a suitably primed system. This finish is available in the following finishes:

S60 Stoving finish for internal applications (Trimite)

S60 from Trimite is a high quality, general purpose stoving finish which is reliably and widely used throughout the original equipment and sub-contracting industries. S60 is a tough, mar-resistant finish and is melamine reinforced for improved durability.

H65 Stoving hammer finish (Trimite)

The Trimite H65 Stoving hammer finish produces a durable, mar resistant surface with a distinctive ‘hammer’ pattern and is ideal for covering imperfections in the substrate. The ‘non-sag’ qualities and it’s ease of application make this product particularly suitable for use on large vertical surfaces where it may otherwise prove difficult to achieve consistent results.

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