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Quality Control

Paint quality is one of the most critical aspects of our surface. This ranges from simple visual inspection to ensure areas have not been missed and that paint does not have obvious faults through to the finer detail of technical paint thickness, gloss levels, scratch testing and the issuance of certificates of conformity.

Thickness Testing

Thickness testing can be carried out using an electronic thickness tester accurate to ±5µm.

Gloss Levels

Gloss levels can be carried out with Angle Gloss Meter which measures Gloss Units on a scale of 0-100.

Certificates Of Conformity

Certificates of conformity can be issued where required to document quality control procedures.

Oven Control

The ovens are critical components of our business and their correct operation is critical to delivering both consistently accurate products as well as ensuring that paint manufacturers baking regimes are followed. All of our ovens are programmable and have several presets for standard cook offs. They are also tested once a year which includes oven temperature gradients and heat up/cool down gradients.


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